Love charms are magical words, chants or prayers that have been used through the ages to attract a loved one. However, merely reciting a charm is not enough – you would also have to enfold its power in an object which would then be wrapped in linen and placed under the front door of the person you desire. Once the person steps over the charm, its power comes alive and does your bidding. Again this type of charm could be seen as overly manipulative and should be avoided as it tampers with the free will of another person. But there are many powerful charms that can bring your true lover to you or will help you see who is your true lover or friend. Folklore is a huge source of charms and verses that have been handed down, the origin often obscured over many centuries and sometimes with variations that have replaced the original words. Despite this, often the intent and use of those words over generations for a particular purpose have imbued even nonsensical words with power. For example, magic
squares have been used to attract love.