As you soak in your love spell take notice of all your senses. Check the taste in your mouth, taking a sip of water to magic rituals and  cleanse your palate if necessary. Notice the scent of the oils you have chosen, create little waves in your tub with your hands, listen to magic rituals and  the motion of the water
and feel how it caresses your skin.
Allow your eyes to magic rituals and  stare momentarily at the lighted candle. Close your eyes and imagine the candle flame in the middle of your forehead, your  third eye. Hold the image for as long as possible and then relax with your eyes closed, visualizing any stray thoughts of the day
encapsulated in a bubble floating away from you. When ready, get out of the bath, dry yourself with a fresh to magic rituals and wel and let the water out, watching the water and all your worries go down the drain. As a variation, and if your bath tub or spa allows, you may vary this exercise
by practicing it with your love spelld one.